The North Carolina Transportation Museum provides visitors with the opportunity to learn how science drives transportation.  Science plays a large role in the way people and products move around the world.

At the museum, visitors can learn how different fuel sources, from coal and water to diesel and electricity, power locomotives that pull freight and passenger trains.   They can learn how Orville and Wilbur Wright used the research of others and their own engineering to take flight for the first time, and how the shape of the wings influenced the shape of the propellers.   While exploring the automotive exhibits, visitors can compare the different methods of fueling vehicles and why some were preferred over others.

The 60-acre State Historic Site located at the former Southern Railway Spencer Shops was once a major railroad facility.  Several large historic buildings feature rail, auto and trucking, and aviation exhibits including steam and diesel locomotives, a full-sized replica Wright Flyer, a Piedmont Airlines DC-3, automobiles and trucks from a rare Ford Model R to a modern electric truck, and more.  The on-site train and other immersive exhibits and activities give visitors the chance to experience the science and technology behind North Carolina’s transportation history.

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