Sturgeon City, situated on the grounds of a former wastewater treatment plant built in response to Camp Lejeune's opening during World War II, embodies resilience and environmental stewardship. Originally ill-equipped for the volume of wastewater it processed, the plant led to pollution in Wilson Bay and the New River. Acknowledging the problem, the City of Jacksonville mobilized community efforts to rectify it, planting an "oyster highway" that revitalized the bay within two years. In response to this transformation and a commitment to preventing neglect and pollution, the nonprofit Sturgeon City of Jacksonville was founded. Retaining elements of the old plant, Sturgeon City tells the story of this journey. Through programs like Homeschool Science and events like Earth Day, we inspire curiosity, foster learning, and promote environmental stewardship for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Join us at Sturgeon City as we continue our mission of education, innovation, and environmental conservation.

Site Sciences:
Environmental ScienceWe have a wide variety of STEAM programming by appointment and via special events